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mar-kar's maverick

$ Privare treaty (mid five-figures range)


Registered Percheron gelding, black, 3 years old, 17.3h
Center View Eclipse x L.F. Mariska

There are draft horses that ride and then there is Maverick, you will be hard pressed to find a purebred like this one! Maverick is more than just a young horse with an old soul, he has won hearts everywhere he goes with his majestic presence and baroque style. He is brilliant, talented and built his resume with the mind to retain the information given to him. Maverick has been developed from a youngster with the skill set of a light horse, he is a very versatile gelding and has proven his capabilities both in the show ring and out with a remarkable willingness to develop further. He is truly an all-in-one package and is at the perfect age to continue to shape and perfect his skills. Not only is he gorgeous and talented, he is a best friend that goes above and beyond for his person. We love Maverick and everything about him, to understand just how special he is, please take the time to watch his videos.

To Ride: Maverick is super soft and fancy broke with all the buttons. He is attentive to his rider and adjusts himself to accommodate the requirements asked of him, he is comfortable, uncomplicated and easy to pilot. Maverick is very forgiving of rider error and enjoys taking it slow and easy, he's a novice riders dream to learn and grow with but if asked, he can and will step up for the experienced individual. Maverick has been a go-to for us when we have a guest that wants to ride. Maverick will walk, jog, trot and canter with knowledge of his leads. He is soft in the bridle and light in your hands, his work is accomplished in a plain snaffle, nothing more. Maverick can come into frame, bend, flex, lift through the corners, leg yield, half pass at the walk and trot, extend and collect his gaits on cue, side pass both directions, pivot both ways on the haunches and on the forehand, slow spin both directions and he will one hand neckrein. He is also able to show his honest skillset with the ability to perform several of these talents bareback and bridleless. Maverick is not only a world caliber show and arena horse, he is a phenomenal trail riding and obstacle course partner. He is careful to navigate the task at hand and is aware of foot placement to correctly accomplish the obstacle, terrain or footing. Maverick has also been used to ride out to check fence, he has been introduced to the rope to practice the ability of catch and drag, he has carried the flag and he safely assists throughout our foal program giving the fresh foals the quiet, rock solid confidence they rely on while ponying along to learn real life experiences. Should you ever have to get off while out of the arena, Maverick has training to mount from anywhere and will adjust his body to align the saddle to the rider that is standing on an object (picnic table, tree stump, truck bed, mounting block, etc). He will stand quietly and patiently for his rider and tie off anywhere if a dismount is needed, he is becoming proficient with ground tying in the arena as well. Maverick is a fantastic mover making him an enjoyable and comfortable ride. He has been shown in the English, Western and Trail classes with all breeds. Maverick has the ability to hold his own in the show pen of multiple divisions containing talented horses, proving that he can perform and show with the lighter breeds. Mavericks show resume under saddle already consists of numerous ribbons, a reserve championship win, along with money and prize earnings. His future in the arena can be set to the highest level, he certainly has what it takes to be a top contender in the riding division at the Percheron World Show and Nationals and State Fairs. At a show Maverick is a sweetheart, he adores all of the attention that his size and style brings to him. A stall rental is not necessary, he can be tied to the side of the trailer and does not need to be babysat, go eat your lunch, he will still be there happily snacking on hay when you return. Maverick is a true all- around, versatile partner with a lifetime of enjoyment in front of him.

In the barn / At home / Routine care: Maverick is always happy, he adores attention and will come to the gate or stall front for snuggles, even when it's time to go to work. He loves people and will happily bend right down for face hugs by the kids and nose smooches from anyone that will offer them. This is the horse that loves all the fuss, the kind that makes it hard to leave the barn, a best friend kind of guy. Maverick is easy to halter and handle in a plain cotton rope and he turns out with respect for boundaries in a group of light horses and draft horses, our horses are turned out as much as possible, including overnights, weather permitting. He is excellent in the barn with no vices, he is not destructive to his box stall and he is a gentleman if you have to clean the stall around him. Maverick straight ties, crossties, stands like a pro for the clippers and is easy to fly spray, bath and blanket. Mavericks daily care is assisted by children on a regular basis.

Health / Maintenance Care: At 3 years old Maverick currently sticks at 17.2h, his health history has always been kept up to date with no extra maintenance required. Maverick has solid, excellent feet that have been routinely cared for by a professional. Maverick is cooperative and quiet during his farrier appointment, he picks up his feet like a gentleman and stands for his trims in the crossties. You will not need a set of stocks and thanks to his great feet, he goes barefoot and does not require shoes. He is easy to deworm and stands for veterinary care. Mavericks tail is docked and he is branded on his left hip. He has a fresh 2024 coggins test, rabies vaccine and is current on trimming and deworming. For buyer confidence, a 2024 pre-purchase veterinary exam is on file and available for review upon request. Mavericks registration papers are in order, PHAoA transfer of ownership is included in the sale.

Maverick is priced in the mid five-figures, serious inquiries please call for details.

Upon request, we can arrange assistance to accommodate international shipping and have reputable contacts for nationwide shipping.