bp justice

Registered Percheron gelding, black, 3 years old, 17.2 h.
BP Crossfire x BP Evanescence

War Horse: Someone or something who is often depended upon to do what is necessary to achieve success, especially in the face of conflict or during difficult times.

Justice is an excellent representation of bringing breed history forward into modern times. His size, power and courage make it easy to envision him charging into battle carrying a knight in heavy armor. Bringing that forward to today, Justice expresses the talent, adaptability and trainability to make an excellent mounted patrol or jousting candidate. On top of that, he naturally combines elegance with the power to result in a captivating presence in the show ring making him a lovely Dressage or Western Dressage candidate. Justice is versatile mount that is ready to conquer the task both in the show ring and out. Please take a moment to watch his videos.

To ride: Justice is a fabulous all-in-one package that has a great foundation to pursue multiple directions going forward. He is driven toward a challenge while remaining focused and ready for your direction. Justice is eager to learn and thrives with consistency. He is comfortable to ride and his movement provides gaits that are easy to sit. He will walk, jog, trot and canter with knowledge of his leads and with his balanced body and natural athleticism, he has the ability and willingness to flat out fly if he is asked. Justice is quiet minded but not a dead head, it is hard to find the natural ability of the true sprint in the purebreds, if you need to go from 0-100, he's got you! Justice has been ridden English, Western, he's been on trail rides, obstacle courses and has been thoroughly enjoyed for playdays at the farm towing the kids on the sled and tire. Justice has also been ridden out to check/repair fence and he is accustomed to carrying a flag. Justice is soft in the bridle, he wears a plain snaffle to work and is not heavy in your hands. He can come into frame, bend, flex, lift through the corners, leg yield, half pass at the walk, extend and collect his gaits on cue, side pass both ways, pivot both ways on the haunches, perform a correct slow spin both ways and is becoming proficient to neckrein. Justice also has the training to stand quietly for long periods, he is not going to jig or dance if you need to stop to answer your phone or have an in person conversation, he will stand patiently. Justice can be mounted from anywhere (mounting block, truck bed, hay bale, etc.), he will align the saddle to the rider and wait patiently for his rider to step on and get organized. Justice has show experience in multiple divisions with all breeds. He has been a class act to have along traveling, he hauls well and ties to the side of the trailer with no issues. He has already brought home ribbons, a weekend reserve championship win, cash, prizes and a Champion Trophy Buckle from the versatility buckle challenge. The versatility buckle challenge is a chance to show your horses versatile capabilities, competing over a two day span earning accumulated points from three separate, pre-designated divisions. This is just the beginning, Justice has world caliber potential and could certainly take someone to the top at the World Percheron Congress or Nationals. With the class of a businessman and the grit of a cowboy, there is no doubt that he has a life of greatness in front of him.

In the barn / At home / Routine Care: Justice's personality is as big as he is- he is goofy, curious, loveable and even though he has the "serious tough guy" look- he's a big, snuggly mush. According to my daughter, that tiny little white dot on his nose is the kiss target (I promised her that I would mention that). Justice is easy to halter and catch, he will come to the gate or stall front, there is no need to head out after him, if he sees you- he's coming! While Justice is beyond his age to ride, in the pasture he is every bit of a comical kid. He would do best with sprightly, goofy geldings, such as himself. He is the kind that plays with toys and enjoys the company of playful herdmates that would take part in a game of halter tag with him. He uses his own time to the fullest extent frolicking with friends and sunbathing in the hay pile. He is accustomed to daily turnout, including overnights, weather permitting. He is good in the barn, he is not destructive to his box stall and is fine if you have to clean the stall around him. He is vice free aside from banging on his bucket when he sees the grain cart coming through, I mean, it's like the ice cream truck coming through, the excitement is real! Justice straight ties, cross ties, stands like a gentleman for the clippers and is easy to fly spray, bath and blanket. Justice's daily care is assisted by children on a regular basis.

Health / Maintenance Care: At 3 years old Justice currently sticks 17.2h, his health history has always been kept up to date with no extra maintenance required. Justice has fantastic feet that have been routinely cared for by a professional. Justice is a gem during his farrier appointment, he picks up all four feet for the farrier and stands for his trims in the crossties, you will not need a set of stocks. Justice has a good, solid foot and he does not require shoes. He is easy to deworm and stands for veterinary care. Justice has a docked tail and is branded on his left hip. He has a fresh 2024 coggins test, rabies vaccine and is current on trimming and deworming. For buyer confidence, a 2024 pre-purchase veterinary exam is on file and available for review upon request. Justice's registration papers are in order, PHAoA transfer of ownership is included in the sale.

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