2015 Registered and inspected AWS (Percheron cross) blue roan mare.  Vixen is out of a sister to the horse of the
year-CC Sadie Sharie (AWS) and by CC Boston Crusier (AQHA) an all-around producer. Grand daughter of Warners
Duke (Percheron)- producer of numerous winners in different disciplines. She is a full sister to our stallion, CC Capone,
click on the stallions page to view. This cross is very versatile, good legged and soft enough for the rail, handy and
gritty enough for the performance, ranch and cow events. This mare is an all around deluxe!!    
Vixen is finished for the ranch horse and mountian trail events winning numerous awards in 2019 and 2020, also
earning 129 ECRRA points. She is great on a pattern, loves a trail class and always holds her own in the halter classes.
In 2020 she also proved that she can step into the English arena and compete beautifully. She will W/J/T/L/C taking her
leads in both directions,has a flying change, has an excellent deep stop, turns on her haunches, performs very correct
rollbacks and neckreins.  She is excellent with lateral work responding to rider cues beautifully, Vixen will half pass,
counter arc, side pass and adjust her speed (trot to jog; lope to canter) guiding softly and freely from the riders seat
and leg cues. Vixen also shows a lot of attraction to cattle making her a good choice for sorting, roping and ranching.
She will correctly track a roping dummy at various speeds and has experience roping the dummy on the heel side. Vixen
has many miles being hauled and shown.  Aside from arena work Vixen has traveled plenty of countryside and trails,
exposing her to many new sights and situations.  She has been to town, traveled up the road, in the fields, in the woods
and snow. She has been exposed to vehicles, large snowplows scraping the roads, dogs, obstacle courses and wildlife
riding out alone or in groups both during the day and in the dark of night. She is very soft, light in the bridle, responsive
and willing to accomplish the task in front of her.
Her lineage on both sides have been very successful, siblings and relatives have a long list of accomplishments.  

Please note: This mare will only be available to purchase until the spring of 2021, I will then be pulling her off
the market to hold back for breeding.

For the most up to date photos and information please visit our FB group, CC Farm. Many more photos and
video clips can be seen there as we can post updates straight from the cell phone. Sire, Dam and sibling
albums can be found there as well.
CC Vixen
VIDEO: September 2015 (5 months old)- https://youtu.be/kw97yiqRp1o
UPDATE: May 2016 (yearling)- Vixen handled her first time off the farm and first show beautifully from hauling, show
prep and class manners-she was a baby pro! She braved the thunderstorms, high winds and mud as nicely as we
could have hoped for! Open halter (all ages) day one 2nd place. Day two 3rd place. Separate judges.
UPDATE: June 2016 (yearling)- AWS national inspection results: red preferred status, main book registration and AWS
brand eligible.
PEDIGREE: http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/cc+vixen
VIDEO: December 2018: (3year old): Started undersaddle in November 2018, video clips
from December:
2019 (4 year old show season) 05/26/19: NEMTC /
IMTCA Jr. Horse L1 undersaddle 1st place. 06/15/19:
Harmony Riders Ranch Horse Show, Sr. Division
CHAMPION - Ranch Reining 3rd place,
Ranchmanship 1st place, Ranch Riding 1st place,
Ranch Rail Pleasure 4th place, Ranch Horsemanship
1st place, Ranch Trail 3rd place. 06/16/19: ECRRA
point earner. 06/23/19 NEMTC / IMTCA Jr. Horse L1
in hand 1st place, Jr Horse L1 undersaddle 1st place.
07/28/19: NEMTC / IMTCA Jr. Horse L1 in hand 3rd
place, Jr Horse L1 undersaddle 1st place. 08/18/19
Salmon River / ECRRA Ranch Horse Show: Open
Halter 4th place, Open Ranch Pleasure 4th place,
Open Ranch Riding 4th place, Open Ranch
Roundup 5th place, ECRRA point earner. 08/22/19:
NYS Fair Open Ranch Horse Show: Ranch Horse
Trail 2nd place, Ranch Riding 1st place, Ranch
Reining 4th place. NYS FAIR OPEN RANCH HORSE
CHAMPION. 08/25/19 NEMTC / IMTCA Jr horse L1 in
hand 2nd place, jr horse L1 undersaddle 2nd place.
09/22/19 NEMTC/ IMTCA Jr horse L1 undersaddle
2nd place, jr. horse L2 in hand 3rd place, jr. horse L2
undersaddle 2nd place. NEMTC Jr horse RESERVE
CHAMPION. 09/27/19 NEMTC Jr. Horse division
YEAR END CHAMPION. Vixen finished out the 2019
show season with 22 lifetime ECRRA points.
**All of Vixens CURRENT riding and show videos can be found in her album on the CC Farm FB page**