Warners Duke
The Ultimate Sport Horse Cross
*Registered Percheron Stallion
*1999, 18 hand, grey
*Duke's light and modern elegance makes
him an excellent sire for your next
warmblood / crossbred foal
*Athletic with elegant and powerful
*Outstanding conformation
*Beautiful disposition enhancing many
*Great pedigree including: Blackhome
Duke, Mavrick, Mr. Entenmann and
An outstanding cross for
Hunter-jumper, dressage, working
ranch horses and athletic all around
Draft mares welcome.
All crosses can be registered.
DNA tested
EVA Negative
STUD FEE: unavailable

Frozen semen stored for future use.
Dukes Pedigree
Dukes Photo Gallery
Dukes complete photo album with regular updates and
videos can be seen on our FB group CC Farm
Sire of numerous show and breed award winners
nationally and locally including a couple crosses that
are succeeding in ranch work. (dressage, eventing,
jumpers, hunters, driving, ranch work, western,
pleasure and trail). The Duke crosses are proven
winners in multiple events.
*Sire of the 2011 horse of the year.
*Sire of Silver and bronze medal winners at inspection.
*Sire of championship award winners in the jumpers.
Duke sires elegant, great minded, trainable athletes
that are bred to work and built to last.
Please visit our FB group CC Farm to view a
regularly updated album of Duke foals.