Thick made Belgian/Gypsy cross mare, she sticks at 16.2 and takes up plenty of leg. We are
only her second owner, she has not been passed around. Her breeder used her to drive and
work from single to four abreast and she will hook to all farm machinery safely. She has also
been used to do the fall harvest, fill silos and drive to town.  Before we started riding her, we
have used her to drag arenas and haul hay out to the pastures.  Undersaddle, Sally will
W/J/T/C, woah and back up, comes into frame in a snaffle bit with a soft mouth. She direct
reins easily and is working toward a solid neckrein.She bends and flexes around, will
sidepass, turn on the haunches and leg yields. She is soft in your hands and comfy for her
size. Her walk and trot is very solid and can be easily adjusted to the jog-trot- or extended.
Her canter is also really nice,  she knows her leads and is pretty "lopey" for a big horse, she
does not hollow out and run just to get through it.  We have hung onto her to use on our farm
for  beginners and guests and have had riders aboard ranging from 80# - 275#. Sally is good
for any level rider, we have even used her for friends who have never been on a horse,
everyone loves this steady mare! She has been with us for  years and has been our "go to
girl" for friends and relatives visiting. Sally can sit for months and be pulled up, saddled and
ridden right off with no trouble, she does not need a consistent program to behave.  She is the
ultimate choice for your lessons, more timid riders or your beginner husband. Sally is very
easy to ride for any level and has proven that to us time and time again.  We have hauled her
to fun shows, trailrides and playdays and had a blast with her. Sally has also been popped
over some some small crossrails for fun, while I don't feel that she is going to make a big show
jumper,her willingness and cute little jump is there for the smaller events or down trees on the
trail rides.  Sally enjoys the trails, and I mean real off road type trails (we only ride in groups
for safety), she will plow through all terrain and brush taller that she is, cross water, go up the
road, etc. She has also been used to push / move old slow heifers and pony foals along that
are learning the ropes, even if they blow up or bump her, she quietly takes it showing the
foals the definition of a patient, confident leader.  Not only is she a pleasure to ride or show-
she can also get some real work done for you.  Sally has good ground manners and loves
people. She is a nice mover, has always been barefoot and she does have a full tail. All
history available, never a vet bill aside from routine care, no vices, behaves great in the barn,
is easy to catch, not mareish and gets along in the mixed herd. There are two things that she
just plain doesn't enjoy- fly spray and baths, we tie her off and do it anyway but feel it should
be mentioned that she will dance around, eventually to give up once she realizes that this is
going to happen anyway. Sally stands and behaves herself for the farrier and vet work.  She
is a beautiful multi purpose horse really enjoys people and is sweet in every way. I wish I had
a camera crew to show all that she has done over the years, she has always been game for
any type of job being asked of her! This mare is in tight hands, if she moves on we would like
her next home to appreciate her as much as we do! Serious inquiries only.

**Her updates and complete photo album can be seen on our FB page. Many more pictures
and current video clips available! (canterng, trailrides, carrying a flag, sidepass, ponyng foals,
Show video: JULY 2015