CC Heaven Sent
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This will be our last full sibling to the 2011 Horse Of The Year, we have retired our top
producing mare.  Her Dam is Rainbow Lady- 17h TB and her Sire is Warners Duke- 18h
Percheron. Our Duke foals have established a list of show ring success and AWS
accomplishments. Angels full siblings are currently competing on the A circuit, hunter, jumping,
dressage and eventing.  Her full and half sisters have been awarded the bronze and silver
medals at inspection earning their WB brand.
Angel is registered and inspected AWS (Percheron x TB), DNA tested, branded and
microchipped. Sticks at 16.2h. If there is one important way to describe this mare it is that she
absolutely loves to learn. She has been very slowly and carefully started with her training. We
did not want to hammer on her at a young age due to her consistent growth spurts as we
would rather take it slow and easy to ensure her soundness and foundation in training for the
life in front of her. She lunges beautifully with tack and takes her cues on the line. She stands
in the x-ties to be tacked and is easy to bridle and saddle. With a rider she will W/T/C coming
into frame with self carriage.  She is a nicely balanced mare with good consistency through
her gaits and is soft in the bridle with a snaffle mouth.  She is responding beautifully to leg and
body cues (extension, lift, half pass, side pass, turn on the haunches, halt and back), she is a
natural at catching her leads correctly and is smooth enough to sit.  We have done some trot
work with ground poles but have not yet jumped her with a rider as we are putting the training
miles on for rock solid flatwork. She has been free jumped and loves to fly, she has great
form, good knees and is brave to the fence. Angel is very athletic, smart, is happy to work and
is ready for her next owner to take her on to her show ring career. Although we still consider
her "green", she should suit an amateur or intermediate level and would fit nicely into most
programs. At the farm we have had novice level aboard under guidance because she's been
so nice to ride. Angel can work all day and you will not run out of horse, she has the stamina
and work ethic to get the job done, in other words, even if she is tired she will not give up and
quit, she will march on as if she were fresh out of the stall.  Angel is vice free, gets along in a
mixed herd, is easy to catch (so easy that she comes running across the field to greet you at
the gate) and she is up to date on all routine care. No past injuries or medical issues and has
always been barefoot.
This mare would love to move along into a hunter / jumper / dressage type barn where she will
shine- she is not getting the campaigning or showing that she deserves out of here as we are
on a totally different circuit. If you have big plans for her to go into a program and/or show lets
talk, I am willing to consider offers from a serious buyer that will promote her.

VIDEO: July 2016 (4 year old):

VIDEO: January 2017- (4 year old) undersaddle, first ride outside with a novice rider that is getting back into the
saddle after several years off

VIDEO: July 2017- (5 year old) undersaddle with an amateur level rider, first time aboard this mare. Rider is 5'10"

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